Environmental Policy













Objective: Employees are trained and educated in responsible disposal of wastes, how to respond efficiently to any spills and how to minimalize the chances of spills.

Employees are also made aware of fauna/wildlife which the project may effect and how to minimalize or eradicate any negative impact.

Target: Employees maximize recycling opportunities, use measures to prevent spillages getting soil/ground and are aware of native/plant animal impact control measures.

Kalidonis has reference material which is used in the education of environmental awareness to all employees. This reference material includes the recognition of native fauna and wildlife which is threatened within the region of where work takes place.

Employees are also educated in methods of reducing the risk of spreading noxious weeds. Identification of noxious weeds is assisted by use of publications supplied from the natural resourses and environment departments of the NT Government.

Kalidonis also encourage a respect for cultural artefacts and understand the procedures to follow if such objects are come across during excavation activities to preserve the historical and cultural significance of such finds.