Health and Safety Policy

In meeting these requirements Kalidonis will:

Plan, manage, conduct and supervise all our work in compliance with legislation and environmental best practices.

Demonstrate leadership and commitment through all its manager and supervisors.

Provide and maintain a safe work environment, including work conditions, practices and procedures for all employees and persons who come into contact with the Company.

Develop safety awareness throughout Kalidonis by initial and ongoing education and training of all employees and contractors.

Take all practical steps to eliminate hazards within the workplace though risk identification, assessment, control and monitoring to ensure continuing effectiveness.

Ensure all managers, supervisors and employees are aware of and accept their responsibilities to provide a safe work environment.

Involve all our people in HSE Management though consultation and by contributing to identifying, assessing and controlling hazards and reviewing health and safety performance.

Ensure all incidents are reported, recorded and root causes identified, and, where injury or illness occurs, help our people to achieve full recovery through prompt treatment and active rehabilitation.

Strive to continuously improve HSE management by setting HSE objectives, plans and performance measures and regularly reviewing progress against the targets set.

Kalidonis break down specific work activities into job steps to assist in identifying all potential hazards. These work activities are detailed in SWMS or Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s).These documents provide the procedures and guidelines in which the work is carried out by Kalidonis employees.

Any incidents or near miss incidents are reported, documented and investigated. Results of these investigations are used to update SWMS’s.

To assist in identifying hazards and risks, Kalidonis has a full time OHSE Manager and uses resources such as industry codes and standards, publications, safety alerts as well as consultation process’s to stay current and up to date within the industry.

Kalidonis has identified a risk class/ranking for potential workplace hazards by referring to the categories ranging from high to low in a Risk Matrix. The Risk Matrix is used to determine the level of danger or seriousness (i.e. the consequence) of the risk, how likely it is that this risk will occur (i.e. likelihood / probability) and therefore how detailed control measures will need to be to eliminate or minimise the risk.