Theo Kalidonis established Kalidonis Pty Ltd in 2000. Beginning his career in Darwin as a form worker he noticed the growing local demand for specialist construction services.

Over the past 10 years Theo has built a successful reputation amongst the building industry by providing these specialist construction services to the highest possible standards.

Kalidonis Group now plays major roles in the development of commercial, residential and civil infrastructure across Darwin,  the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Our clients have included the Northern Territory Governent, The Australian Defence Force, BHP,  Inpex, JKC Pty Ltd, Laing O’Rourke, Goodline, Sitzler, Larrakia Development Corporation, GT Builders, Gratis Pty Ltd, GRD Group, MBP Builders and BMD Construction Pty Ltd.

Kalidonis Group have diversified and expanded to service the mining sector across the Northern Territory and Western Australia. We provide mining infrastructure for above ground projects such as, mineral processing facilities, treatment works for onsite camps and sewerage plants coupled with various other concrete works. Our underground mining infrastructure work includes cementing the underground tunnels for mining and exploration.