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Kalidonis Group is one of Darwin’s largest privately owned construction company’s. We specialise in development, construction, concreting, formwork, steel fixing and excavation. 


The success of our organisation since it’s inception in 2000 has been realised through a relationship based approach that is fundamental to our business philosophy.


Kalidonis Group operates with an integrated and flexible business model that enables the provision of construction projects across a variety of sectors specialising in commercial, industrial, civil, mining, public and private sectors.


Kalidonis Group is committed to protecting the health and safety all people working at or visiting our site we ensure this by having a full time Occupational Health and Safety Manager looking after all of our projects.


We promote environmental awareness and conservation.


We plan, manage, conduct and supervise all our work in compliance with legislation and best practice.


We want to ensure that all workers have a clear understanding of their responsibilities along with that of the company.

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